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Classic Air Jordan 23

Air Jordan 23,is a specific version of Air Jordan seires that was released in 2008.It provided a pair of Sneakers that with excellent appearance,outstanding function and advanced technology.The inspiration of this version just came from the faith to be the most excellent Sneakers among the Air Jordan seires. This Classic Air Jordan 23 is the first version of Basketball Shoes that brought the advanced Nike Condisered theory into the Jordan Sneakers to save material,and it also try the best to applied the environmental material into the developed and design of the shoe without reducing its sporting function.The most particular aspect of the Air Jordan 23 is its appearance and its unique material and design.A newly engineered technique was used in the upper which uses to stitching the upper in 3-D form of the design; a double sock linner was applied to the shoe offered extra comfort,the recovery foam around the heel conforms to foot shapes that creat a more comfort fit.The reinforced quarter panels and holds and the breathable tongue allows the air to escape and keep the foot cooler.An imprint of Michael Jordan's thumbprint was show on the outsole and the full length Zoom Air sole unit was used to provide superior low-cut cushioning that helped to get closely to the court and adding more court touch feeling to the foot.With the exquisite design and outstanding details and advanced technology,air jordan shoes have been proved to be the most fashion and remarkable among other sports Sneakers. In order to help out the environment, the outsole is composed of preferred materials that uses the Nike scattered material and reduces the toxins from Sneakers outsole manufacturing wastage.,and they are on discount sale in our air jordan shoes online.

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